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Top 15 Dream Weave Hair Styles

There are many different types of dream weave hair out there. While some are more popular than the others, they all seem to serve a purpose, especially when it comes to women with different textures and, hence, different needs.

Hair weaves also seem to be coming with many advantages, with a high level of versatility and no involvement of harmful chemicals or even glue being some of the important ones.

With that said, let’s look at the hottest types of dream weave hair and the styles you can achieve using them.

Brazilian Dream Weave Hair

The Brazilian dream weave hairstyle is quite popular, as it offers pretty much everything that a woman needs to look gorgeous. The texture is very thick and full, and looks just flat out fabulous, especially on African American women.

However, it’s not just about the looks. Brazilian weave hairstyle also feels great, unlike some others that tend to lead to headaches and a sore scalp. This is because the Brazilian weaves are very coarse, and hence tend to hold the curls better. It also helps suit the texture better of women of African descent.

But you may also want to keep in mind that a Brazilian dream weave hair may not be ideal for everyone. This is especially true for women looking to get a bone straight hairstyle. Although Brazilian weaves are shiny enough and can be straightened using a flat iron, the Indian weave would probably be a better choice if you want bone straight hair.

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Indian Dream Hair

Indian hair boasts the thickest texture and comes with a natural luster which makes it a great choice for most natural women. It is also very dense and coarse, making it an especially good choice for black women.

Also, as mentioned above, Indian dream weave hair is what you would want to go for if you want straight hair. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot achieve any other look with it. Indian hair is impressively versatile which makes it ideal for achieving different hairstyles according to your preferences.

It’s also good at holding curls, though perhaps not as much as Brazilian hair or some other hair weaves. Indian hair weave hairstyles are quite popular, but usually not the best choice for women with Afro/Caribbean hair as Indian hair is quite silky and hence may not blend well with it.

Peruvian Dream Weave

Peruvian dream weave is believed to be the most popular one nowadays. One of the biggest reasons for it is that Peruvian hair is the coarsest, and hence holds the curls and blends with them perfectly well.

Peruvian dream weave hair looks very full and voluminous, especially when the hair is worn straight, which is what most women going for the hairstyle like to do.

Peruvian weave hairstyle is also considered to be very versatile, primarily as it’s ideal for a wide range of textures, ranging from natural to Caucasian. However, it looks particularly good on African American women.

Finally, Peruvian weave is usually considerably lightweight, flows freely and looks quite luxurious, so you can expect a Peruvian weave hairstyle to not give you any headaches. Perhaps the only downside to it is that it’s pricier than most other hair weaves.

Malaysian Dream Weave Hair

Malaysian hair is known for its softness. A Malaysian weave hairstyle is highly recommended for those with silky hair and a relaxed texture.

It would look very shiny and lustrous, and you would also have the choice of going for a bone straight hairstyle by flat ironing the hair.

It also tends to be very manageable, so if it’s your first time trying out a hairstyle using hair weave, the Malaysian dream weave hair is perhaps your best bet.

Eurasian Weave

Eurasian dream weave comes with a variety of features, including thickness, smoothness, silkiness, and the ability to blend perfectly with a relaxed texture. These features make a Eurasian weave hairstyle a great option for women of European and Asian descent.

Just like most other popular hair weaves, Eurasian hair can be flat ironed to get a gorgeous, bone straight hairstyle, but with some extra softness and smoothness.

Virgin Dream Weave Hair

Virgin hair is usually the best choice for most women, as it’s never processed, can be colored easily, as well as allows multiple installs. Furthermore, it’s also very easy to manage, which is what most women going for a weave hairstyle for the first time are looking for.

It comes with a wide range of advantages such as being very durable and long-lasting, reliable, and looking perfectly natural. It’s also ideal for those who are looking to use lots of heat, as it tends to withstand all of that without much of a problem.

Finally, if cared for properly, Virgin dream weave hair may last for well over two years, which is way longer than what most other types of hair weaves can offer.

Remy Hair

Remy hair is a unique type of hair weave. It’s a kind of human hair which still has the cuticle intact. When it’s first collected from the donor, a ponytail is used to hold it. This helps prevent the shedding and tangling that’s so common with other hair weaves.

Basically, a dream weave using Remy hair weaves would probably be ideal for those who are looking for a highly natural hairstyle, with their hair (weave) looking just as natural as real human hair.

As it’s almost natural hair, it’s also going to be very versatile, meaning that you would have quite a few options as far as the hairstyles are concerned.

It’s also very shiny and durable, though the Remy hair that go through processing would lose their shine and durability once you wash it.

Wet and Wavy Dream Weave

Wet and Wavy is usually a feature of other types of hair weaves. It’s not a completely different type of hair weave. Basically, it means that the hair will get wavy if you wet it, so it allows you to go for a slightly more unique hairstyle.

It’s also known for the versatility it brings to the table, which is probably the reason more and more women seem to be shifting to a different hairstyle using Wet and Wavy dream weave hair.

You can switch from those cute curls one day to bone straight hair the next day surprisingly easily, without damaging your hair much at all (if you do it carefully and properly). The only problem, however, is that they are usually quite expensive if you look for quality.

Human Hair / Natural Dream Weave

Human hair, as the name suggests, are simply unprocessed, natural hair. They are like Remy hair, except that they can come in different types as well, such as Brazilian human hair.

Depending on the quality of the human hair weave you get, you can use them for pretty much any hairstyle you want. Needless to mention, it’s also going to be suitable for all types of textures.

Something you would want to keep in mind, though, is that the price and quality of dream hair weave varies quite a bit, and not all products advertised as 100% natural human hair may be genuinely natural. So, you may want to do a bit of research to make sure you’re getting a genuine product.

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Milky Way Dream Weave Hair

Milky Way hair weave isn’t the most popular out there, but it seems to be a good option for some women who are looking for something that can hold a curl well but doesn’t cost a bomb.

Depending on the quality, Milky Way weave can hold a curl perfectly well, and may even turn out to be one of the best options if two of your favorite hairstyles are straight and curly hair.

Another impressive thing about Milky Way dream weave hair is that they are usually quite shiny and silky, making them ideal for a straight hairstyle.

However, they are usually not very long-lasting, unless probably if you go for a very expensive product, and they also tend to shed considerably after a couple of weeks or so.

Ombre Weave

Ombre hair is basically all about the color. It usually sports natural, darker hues at its roots while the ends feature what seems like a gradually dyed lightening. More than the hairstyle, it’s about the freedom it offers when it comes to being able to change your hair’s color every 5-10 weeks without hitting a salon.

There are a lot of color options available, but experts recommend that the bolder ones, though very tempting, may not be the best option for all.

If you know how to use Ombre dream weave hair properly, you may be able to save quite a bit of money, especially if you get your hair colored every couple of months or so. Not to mention the damage you would be able to avoid on your “real” hair.

Curly Dream Weave Hair

This one’s self-explanatory. Curly dream weave hair is what you need if you want a curly hairstyle without messing up your hair every now and then. It looks cool, especially on black women.

However, it usually only works for just achieving the curly hair. You can use a flat iron to try to straighten it, but it isn’t going to be too impressive. Also, given quality curly hair weave can cost quite a bit, and that you usually need at least 4 bundles if you want to get a good length, it can turn out to be a bit too expensive overall.

Pretty Dream Hair

If you’re looking for the right hair weave that would look pretty on you, you would have to consider your hair texture, the type of hairstyle you like to sport as well as other factors.

The basic idea here is that unless you have a natural texture and are fine with sticking to a particular hairstyle for a long time, you need to look beyond the trends and find something that’s particularly well-suited for you.

Best Dream Weave Hair

Again, the best dream weave hair or the best hairstyle you can achieve using hair weave simply boils down to your preferences and your budget. Something worth keeping in mind here is that if you’re looking for a short-term hairstyle change, you can go with a cheaper product which may to shed quite a bit.

However, for long-term use, quality but expensive products are going to be your best bet. As for some best options in general, the Virgin and Brazilian hair weaves is probably what you should be considering.

Cheapest Hair

If you’re looking for a cheap short-term option, some dream Brazilian hair weaves with limited options may hit the spot for you. You won’t have to compromise much on the style or the look you can achieve, but you may be able to save quite a bit of money.

However, you would have to keep in mind that you won’t get the same level of versatility (and durability) as some better and more invisible bead extensions, or with some other types of hair weaves such as Peruvian, Virgin and Remy.