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Micro Links Hair

Micro links hair is used predominantly by professional hairdressers to bond or weave hair extensions into client’s hair to increase hair length, add volume or body and texture.

There are many types and qualities of micro links hair available to consumers and professionals which fall into two main categories. 1. Human Hair and 2. Synthetic Hair.

Hairdressing professionals will rarely use synthetic micro links hair with their salon clients because it cannot be matched perfectly to the clients natural hair and therefore looks UN-natural and not very flattering.

When using high quality real micro links hair extensions, the hairdresser can cut, color and style the hair extensions as if it were the clients own natural hair.

Beware though because not all micro links are equal, in the hair extensions world “you-get-what-you-pay-for”.

If you buy cheap hair extensions you are going to be disappointed with the results, particularly in the medium and long term. Why?

Human hair grows at around 1 CM per month which means that in three month’s time your bonded or micro extensions will have moved away from the scalp and dropped by around 3CM which will make the original hair extensions style look odd and uneven.

This means that bonded or wefted hair extensions need to be removed, replaced and restyled every 10 to 14 weeks dependent on the wearers personal hair growth.

Micro Links Hair Fitting Methods

There are now hundreds of fitting methods available for the salon client to choose from as the manufacturers fight for position and point of difference. I am going to tell you about the two most popular fitting methods that salons use in order to save our readers a little time and a lot of stress when trying to decide which method is best for them.

Temporary Cold Fusion Method

The micro links hair stylist will place a line of special bonding liquid across the hairline where the weft is to be fitted and across the pre-cut length of the weft and then bond the two together completing the process with a warm hairdryer. Once all of the wefts have been fitted the Stylist will cut and style the hair.

Temporary Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Hair Styling Step by Step

When it is time to remove the temporary bonded hair, simply apply conditioner to the bonds and let it soak-in for 14 minutes before gently peeling the weft away from the hair.

Weave Styling Method

Micro links styling was perfected by Afro hair stylists. The stylist pleats the natural hair in to very tight cornrows around the scalp.

Once the cornrows have been positioned, and this can be a lengthy process, the hair extension wefts are literally sewn, using a special wefting needle and thread to the cornrows.

Once the process is complete the hairstyle looks 100% natural and is completely indistinguishable from real hair.

To remove the weft the process is simply reversed.

What are Clip In Micro Links Hair Extensions?

Clip-In micro links are derived from the original Afro Weave Style, where hair wefts are “sewn” into the hair line on to a plaited corn-row.

It was the modern celebrity quick style change that necessitated the invention of clip-in hair extensions to facilitate amazing hair styles in a very short time frame for photo shoots and stage performances.

As clip-in hair extension technology was perfected with smaller, lighter and more reliable clips, micro links hair became a mainstream consumer must have product and is now part of everyday life for fashion conscious ladies who like to change their look dependent on their lifestyle needs.

Short and professional during the working week, and long, sexy and sassy at the weekend is now possible with the greatest of ease.

Celebrity Clip-In Hair Extensions

In reality there is no such thing as celebrity clip in hair extensions, generally most UK Session Stylists who use clip in hair extensions with their celebrity clients for photoshoots or stage work use micro links hair, you would have to ask them why they use them but if you want to use the same product you can find them here.

Good Quality Micro Links

As with any product which becomes successful in any kind of meaning volume, the counterfeiters and cheap suppliers try to leverage the market with “inferior” alternatives.

Unfortunately, the micro links hair market is not regulated and is over-run with cheap products which purport to be 100% real human hair but, let’s say that they are being a little creative with their descriptions.

There are many grades of quality of real human hair and if you think that the price you are being asked to pay for a set of clip-in hair extensions is cheap then you can be sure that they are manufactured from the lower grades which often come from dubious sources.

In many cases animal hair or high heat fiber is mixed with human hair. Upon first inspection this “mix” is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

However, as the micro links hair is worn and styled the quality issues become apparent.