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How To Remove Invisible Bead Extensions

Removing the invisible bead hair extensions can be a tricky thing to do.

If you know exactly the way in which the extensions are attached and have the proper tools then, the removal can be easily done.

Once when you decide to do invisible bead extensions, it is essential to know more about it so that removal of it can be a handy task.

If the removal of the extensions is not done in an appropriate way, then it can cause much damage to your hair.

Understand the following things so that you can do this process much easier.

how to remove invisible extensions

Knowing About Hair Extension

It is necessary for you to know about the invisible bead extension in a better way for removing that without any hassles. This is one among the popular methods of hair extensions.

This method includes the process of attaching hair extensions to each strand of the natural hair.

This is the process of hair extension that can be done easily, and it can also be removed without causing any damage to hair.

When you are removing the invisible bead extensions, spend an adequate amount of time so that the strands do not get tangled with beads and thus get damaged.

This simple process of hair extension can provide you with a great look and you can change your hair style at any time you need by removing it.

As professionals do the process of hair extension process, it doesn’t mean that the removal can also be done only by professionals.

Once you carefully observe the way the process of hair extension is done, removal can be much easier.

Removal Tools

Once you observed the exact way in which invisible bead extensions are done, the next thing you need to concentrate on is the tools that can be used for removing the extensions.

The beads that are used on your hair can come on various colors so that it can match your hair color.

The beads are usually made from either aluminum or copper. Bead connector is available along with silicon, or it can be even threaded.

You can use the same tool that was used for attaching the extensions for removing them.

This tool can appear like pliers and may also function like it.

These removal tools used with invisible bead hair extensions come with flat edges and curves that can suit the size of the bead.

The bead locks can be removed easily by using this tool. Make sure that you are removing the beads with great care without damaging the hair. The hair should be made free from all the beads that are used for hair extensions.

You should make sure that all the beads and the extensions are removed from your hair by combing the hair gently.

Combing should be done so that you can ensure that the extension is removed completely.

How to Remove

Having a tool in hand does not mean that you can do the removal process in a great way. You should remove the extensions from each of the strands with great care and by following the right process.

When you are removing the invisible bead extensions, make sure that you start the process of removal from the top of the hair strands.

Starting from the top of hair strands can easily help you in finding out the bead locks and can let the process of removal happen without tangling of hair.

You should take a hair strand and hold it away from the head so that you can easily identify where the bead locks are.

Once you locate the beads, find the direction in which it is attached to the hair strand.

You should then keep the hair extension about half inches away from the bead and then use removal tool for removing it.

When you are removing the bead, make sure that you are not exerting much pressure so that the hair extension also is not damaged for you to reuse it.

Restore Your Previous Style

Once when the invisible bead extensions are completely removed from your hair, you should comb your hair gently. There are chances for some hair tangling, handle that with care and make sure that you do not break your hair strands.

Wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner on it and rinse after some minutes.

After rinsing the conditioner, remove tangles by combing. After removing tangles, dry your hair and leave hair without the pressure of hair extensions.

You can store your invisible bead hair extensions and then can use it in any other occasion for the same appealing look. It is better to try it after two or three weeks so that your scalp can get adequate rest.