Hair Extensions FAQ

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are simply an accessory that is added to your natural hair to give the wearer more length and is also used to give the wearer a new color, thickness, and style.

Can hair extensions do any damage to my hair?

It is possible, but if the hair extensions are done in the correct way and by a professional stylist, then no. It’s also a good idea to take care of your hair extensions, to help avoid any damage.

How long does it take to get hair extensions done?

It depends on the number of extensions you want done and the look you are going for, but just to add thickness to your hair, around 1 – 2 hours and to lengthen your hair, it’s generally in the 2 – 4 hours range.

How long does my hair need to be before I can get hair extensions?

It does depend on the method used. Braiding for instance can be done with hair as short as an inch (not recommended) while others require much longer hair. In general terms, your hair should be at least 3 – 6 inches for hair extensions, but again this isn’t set in stone.

Are extensions made from real hair?

Sometimes extensions are made from real hair, but they can also be made from synthetic or even horsehair and it’s not uncommon for the hair extensions to be made from a mix. Synthetic and human hair are usually the most popular type of extensions.

What’s the difference between using synthetic hair and human hair?

Generally, Synthetic hair is a lot less expensive than human hair and by its nature can have a wider range of textures and colors. Synthetic hair can range from very natural looks too far more adventurous styles.

The problem with synthetic hair is that once it’s in place, there’s not a lot of room for change, because the synthetic hair cannot be curled or straightened.

Human hair, while more expensive, has a bit more variety and can withstand any of the usual treatments that human hair goes through, but does lack the more vibrant color choice.

If I choose to go with human hair, how will I know if I’m getting good quality?

Well, human hair falls under three quality categories, Remy, virgin hair (popular among celebrities) and double drawn.

Remy is arguably the best quality, due to it lasting the longest and remaining shiny for longer than other types. It also seems to stay tangle free for the longest as well. Virgin hair is the most natural and is never processed or colored in anyway.

Double drawn, is a probably the most expensive, but is the best for giving you a thicker look, without adding too much length.

 What are the different methods of hair extensions?

There are a variety of methods, but some of more well-known methods are clip on, bonded, braid, weaves, and invisible bead extensions.

How is each method implemented?

Clip on hair extensions, are just as simple as they sound, they clip straight to your hair to add extra volume and length to your hair. Bonded hair extensions are implemented by a professional, they take small strands of your hair and then bond that with the extensions using heat and glue.

Braided hair extensions are extensions that get braided into your natural hair, with what is usually referred to as the ‘pinch braid’ method. No chemicals or glue is needed, so it’s a very natural process.

Weaves are like braids, in fact the hair is braided first, and then hair weaves are sewn into the hair, to give long luxurious locks. The invisible bead extensions method is when a hair piece is placed against your scalp, which has holes in it, to allow your own natural hair to be pulled through, so then allows the blending of your natural hair.

What are the pros and cons of each method?

Clip on hair extensions are very easy and can be done at home, by you. Clip on hair extensions, come in a one strand or smaller strands so you can do your whole hair or just a small section and they are by far the easiest and less expensive of the options.

Bonded hair extensions, can add a new look, give you a lot of variety and are easy to maintain, but they are also very expensive, and this is without removal fees. Braided hair extensions are good, when adding variety and can be as dramatic or conservative as you like, they also go into the hair in a very natural way and therefore won’t damage the hair.

The downside to the braided hair method is that is takes a very long time, anywhere from 6 – 12 hours, depending on your own hair volume and length.

Weave hair extensions, can be painful, depending on how sensitive you are, they are usually somewhat quicker than braiding and weaves protect your natural base hair, from color, styling, and other rough treatment. It also adds extra length straight away to your hair.

Invisible bead extensions are usually used for women who are suffering from hair loss or are being treated for other conditions where temporary hair loss can happen. It’s a great method to blend your own hair with other hair and can give a very natural look, however it can become uncomfortable to wear.

What is the cost of hair extensions?

The cost will vary a great deal, depending on several factors that need to be taken into consideration. The method used is obviously a big contributing factor to the cost, a clip-on extension for instance will probably only likely set you back around $70 – $150 depending on the type and quality.

Bonded hair extensions can cost anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000 and are probably one of the most expensive types to get. It’s also worth pointing out that, the price will vary depending on the salon itself and the experience of the stylist working on your hair.

The quality of the hair extension will also play a part.

 How long do hair extensions last?

This again will vary and comes down to the type of hair extensions you get. It’s also worth noting that the better care you take, with your hair extensions, the longer they will last. Bonded hair extension, if properly cared for, will last up to 3 months.

Clip on hair extensions have the advantage of being able to be reused, as much as possible and if properly taken care of, can last a very long time.

What should I do to make sure my hair extensions are well looked after?

It can vary, but it’s generally a good idea not to wash your hair for at least 48 hours after you have your hair extensions put in. This is very useful for bonded hair and washing can make your hair shred in the future.

It’s also best not to wash your hair frequently, once, or twice a week max and using a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for hair extensions, is a must.

There’s usually a follow up treatment on your hair extension around 4 -6 weeks in, to make sure you’re happy you’re your extensions and to sort out any problems with the extensions themselves.

Other than that, you should just try to take as much care and attention as possible, when caring for your hair.

What should I avoid when it comes to hair extensions?

Firstly, try to avoid leaving your hair extensions in too long, yes, they may look great and be easier to maintain than your real hair, but prolonged neglect of your real hair, could lead to a lot of problems down the line.

There’s also the chance of baldness and hair loss if you treat your hair badly. It’s wise to remember that your extensions are not your real hair, and they won’t regrow, meaning they will become faded and washed out when this happens don’t be afraid to get rid of them. One last tip is to allow your real hair some time to ‘breathe’ between having hair extensions.

In the end, you must take good care of your real hair or risk long term problems.

If I have a problem with my hair extensions, what should I do?

If it’s something small or not very noticeable, then you can wait till your next check-up, but if your hair extensions are causing any pain, discomfort, or something as serious, then get an appointment with the salon, that did your hair extensions, as soon as possible.

If you think that the salon has made an error with your extensions, then it might be a good idea to go to a different salon, for a second opinion.

What if I can’t afford to go to a salon, is it a bad idea to let my friend do my extensions?

Probably, while your friend may do a good job, it’s always best to get a professional to do it, however, for simple hair extensions, such as clip on hair extensions, you should be fine. If you’re going for bonded or more complicated methods, liked weaved, then we would always recommend a professional.

While your friend may have the know-how to perform the method, a stylist who works on hair week in, week out, will have all the experience and capability that your friend probably won’t. T

There’s also a big chance your friend will mess up your hair extensions, which could lead to big problems with your hair or just a fight between you and your friend, so it’s just best all round to get your hair extensions done by a professional, rather than trying to save a few bucks and running into problems.

I’ve never had hair extensions, but I’m curious, how can they make my hair look?

This will greatly depend on the method you use and the natural hair you have, but extensions can be added to give you a whole new color, give you highlights, make your hair thicker, longer, and just all round give you a completely different style. There are a huge number of options out there and there will be one that suits you.

Then once you look good, you’ll feel great. You’ll never know until you try and remember that hair extensions are not a permanent choice, if you’re still unsure, then try clip on hair extensions, which can then be removed instantly, if you don’t like the way it looks.

I want to try hair extensions, but I’m not sure about what would best suit me, what should I do?

It’s a tough one, you must be very objective about your appearance, as what looks good for once person, won’t for another.

It’s always best to stick with something you already feel comfortable with, there’s always a chance to be more adventurous the second time around, but with your first hair extension, going with something comfortable is a good idea. If you’re not sure what look you want, then ask a professional.

Stylists will have a great deal of experience and will most likely have a good idea of what will work for you and what won’t.