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Common Hair Weaves


Bonding using Remy hair is a temporary hair weaving method. Remy hair is glued using a special type of glue to the roots of your hair.

The result is greater volume and more vibrant looking hair strands than before. The most common type of bonding is soft bond where the Remy hair weave lasts 2 weeks at most.


Fusion is a very versatile method of hair weaving. From the term itself, the Remy hair strands are fused to your very own hair strands for a more natural and realistic look.

The Remy hair is fused using a keratin adhesive or glue which is melted using a heat clamp when applied to the weaving. Fusion is so effective that you can even apply products to your hair but not in a daily basis.

The process also takes a lot of time, usually as long as 8 hours, and very expensive as prices can reach $2,000


This type of weaving is done using a net while the strands of Remy hair are braided with your own. The hair is either sewn onto the net itself or glued one track to another.


Also called sewn in, this type of Remy hair weaving where your natural locks are braided into cornrows or tracks.

A full head weave is usually done where the extensions are sewn to the cornrow braids. The Remy hair is horizontally sewn across the head.

Remy hair weaves are very popular with women today, especially those who prefer stylish and vibrant hair.

But the price tag is very high for this type of hair so if you want one you should be willing to shell out a substantial amount.

Indian Remy Hair Weave

Indian Remy hair weaves are the most sought after Remy hair weave in the market today.

Even when Indian Remy hair is also the most expensive Remy hair, women would love to have weaves with it and are willing to pay the price. If you are wondering why Indian Remy hair weaves are so special, here are the reasons why.

Diverse Quality Hair Texture

Indian hair is so diverse that it can provide anyone with what they want. Whether it is curls, deep curls, kinky curls, wavy or straight, Indian hair has it.

And with Indian Remy hair you now have access to high quality hair of all texture for your hair weaving needs.

You can also easily turn one Indian hair texture to another using water and flat iron.

Majority of Indian Hairs are Virgin Hairs

When we say virgin hair it means hair that is never treated with any chemicals.

The result is hair strands with intact cuticles. Intact cuticles mean that the hair will not tangle easily making it very manageable in most conditions.

However, virgin Indian hairs would mean very limited in options when it comes to color.

Indian Hair is Naturally Thin and Strong

The most crucial feature of Indian hair is that it is thin and strong at the same time. Unlike thick hair, the ones with thin strands are easier to weave with natural hair.

Thin strands of straight hair are also much easier to process and turn into curls.

Natural Hair Color

Indian hair is naturally black which is good since the majority of the people of the world have black hair. This means that most women will not have any problems when they use Indian Remy hair for their hair weaving needs.

Next to that is the dark brown color which is the next most common hair color in the world. With the number of women who want Remy hair weaves, most of them will find what they need from Indian hair.

Now that you know why Indian Remy hair weaves are the most expensive hair weaves in the world, you can now decide whether you should go for it or not.

If you do, be ready to look for them since a lot of women are also looking for this bewitching hair trend.

Remy Human Hair Weave

Remy human hair weaves are hair extensions done using hair from another human being. This type of Remy hair is acquired from human donors, usually those who sell their own hair.

The term Remy means that the hair is the best type for weaving or hair extensions. For the best Remy human hair weave here are several tips to follow.

Look for Virgins

Virgin Remy hair is the best type of Remy hair since the cuticles are 100% intact and the hair has never experienced chemicals.

Although virgin Remy hair is also the most expensive, the quality is also unmatched giving you the best Remy hair for any human hair weave.

So ask vendors if they are selling virgin Remy human hair and be willing to pay for the price.

Know what you want

You must choose what type of weave that you really want. Wavy hair is the most popular texture but if you want to have curly tresses then get a curly Remy hair. A

lso consider straight ones especially the Indian Remy hair since you can style it more than the other types.

Check for Alignment

Properly aligned Remy hair strands are less likely to tangle. So be sure to get one. Check how the strands are sewn and also check from root to tip.

Avoid mixed roots and tips even when they are the cheapest option. The Remy hair should also naturally fall into the scalp. You would not want a Remy human hair weave that tangles a lot.

Get them from a Reliable Source

Know the sources of the Remy hairs that are offered to you. Be sure to know if the sources are good and reliable. If you really want the best Remy human hair then go for the Indian hair.

If you want the best Indian Remy hair then look for the virgin ones.

Check your supplier if the Indian Remy hair that they offer are authentic.

From this list of tips you can now effectively shop for the best Remy Human Hair and get the Remy human hair weave that fits your needs.

The only issue about Remy hair is that quality colored ones are difficult to find. Black and dark brown are quite abundant and are likely in demand since most people have black and dark brown hair.