Bellatique Wigs

Looking for the best Bellatique wigs? Find Bellatique wigs at wholesale prices now! Before you buy, read these tips to make sure you find the best quality wig – at the very best price. Bellatique wigs are part of the beauty industry that has seen… Read More »Bellatique Wigs

Micro Links

There are different types of micro links, and it is important to know which one is right for you. There are the silicone micro links that start off as thin and thickens up as they get closer together. These are great for long hair because… Read More »Micro Links

Common Hair Weaves

Bonding Bonding using Remy hair is a temporary hair weaving method. Remy hair is glued using a special type of glue to the roots of your hair. The result is greater volume and more vibrant looking hair strands than before. The most common type of… Read More »Common Hair Weaves

Hair Extensions Info

Hair extensions are not a new concept but for the first time, they are becoming more affordable and accessible. Hair extension has been available for decades, but it was always a luxury item reserved for celebrities and wealthy people. Nowadays, hair extension is more affordable… Read More »Hair Extensions Info