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Benefits Of Using Indian Remy Hair

The length of human hair can be artificially increased with the use of artificial hair integrations which are alternatively known as Indian remy hair extensions.

remy hair on woman

Hair extension techniques are used to increase the length of an individual’s hair by joining either natural or artificial hairs which are obtained from other people.

This is an advanced method of lengthening the hair and can be used to change the general appearance of an individual without changing the general look. The current salons apply advanced techniques that change your entire hair within a single appointment.

Artificial or human hair that is added to one’s head is generally described by using the term remy hair.

The appearance of one’s hair can be altered using a weave. This can be done by either covering the entire natural hair with pieces of synthetic hair or adding some extra hair on top of natural hair.

The length, volume, and color of someone’s hair can be enhanced by weaving the added synthetic or human hair pieces without any destruction from chemicals or creating another texture of the hair that is different from the initial hair of an individual – so no perming of your own hair.

History of Indian Remy Hair

Hair extensions and weaves were originally invented in the initial days of prehistoric Egypt where both males and females used the extensions in their hair to show a more stylish appearance.

During the late seventeenth century, wigs of different sizes and shapes were developed and became the latest fashion trend on the market.

However, the interest in Indian remy hair did not grow until the 1950’s and back then only celebrities were using them in those initial stages.

Hair weave became common during the era in which the long and disco-hair changed.

Since then, the popularity of hair weaving has increased.

It is therefore important to acknowledge that some people have come across the term ‘Remy’ when looking for any hair extensions to lengthen their hair.

Remy hair is viewed by many individuals as the highest quality of hair extensions used for wig making. Its quality has developed to become the best choice for any wig material.

The main advantage of Indian remy hair is that they are used to create hair weaves or extensions suitable for various stylish purposes.

A new hair style can be created by an individual using the Remy hair weave without exposing your hair to any health risk. An extension using remy hair is suitable for developing locks which are long. Some of the reasons remy hair extensions are recommended by the stylists and hair aficionados are described here.

The first reason to use Indian remy hair is that its texture is superb. When wearing additional hair integration someone might feel upset if anyone pointed out that he or she is putting on a wig, even if he does. Wigs and hair extensions should always look and make someone feel like it is their natural hair.

However, only a small fraction of extensions can give the impression that anything someone is wearing is not a wig.

Indian remy hair is human natural hair which can be styled in any style of your choice.

It is also of great significance to note that the superiority of Indian remy hair pieces also varies due to the processing of hair strands which is done in a manner that cannot destroy the hair cuticle layer.

This brings about an appearance that it is in fact your hair growing straight out of your scalp. Notice how the hair seems to be growing out of the mannequin’s head in this picture?

Indian remy hair is free of Tangles. Tangling is a common complaint raised by many hair extension users. Other individuals apply different hair products like a gel or spray to regulate their frizzy hair.

Another good alternative to frizzy problems is to put on hair extensions that are free from tangles.

The most annoying thing would be to find that the hair extensions you bought has frizz that you would like to do away with. Wearing hair extensions, invisible bead extensions or wigs is supposed to make your hair look much better than your natural hair.

Due to this, Indian remy hair is the best as it will not tangle easily when used.

The most common remy is the Indian remy hair which is widely known for its high quality and versatility. The long but intact Indian hairs are normally taken away from temples where individuals shave their head due religious reasons.

The best locks used for making wigs are the long, un-destroyed locks.

Cuticle Hair

Cuticle hair is also known as Virgin hair which is generally referred to all types of hair extensions regardless of the origin. It mostly outlines the state of the hair fiber and its quality.

Its layers are not altered chemically and therefore great care must be taken to ensure that the tips and roots are kept from moving in opposite directions.

Merits of Cuticle hair

The first merit of cuticle hair is that it has a high quality. In addition, the hair extensions That maintain the cuticle also make an individual feel like it is in fact their natural hair on their head.

Cuticle hair also retains the color of the dye and perms much better than the hair which has been processed prior to purchase if you decide to complete any of those processes after purchasing the cuticle hair. It is also durable through tear and wear due to the protective layer it has intact on the surface of the hair fiber.

Demerits of cuticle hair

Cuticle hair is expensive to purchase and experiences some number of tangles and shedding over time. If the cuticle hair is not handled well during and prior its harvesting, they are likely to tangle.

Both hair extension and non- cuticle hair are expensive but easier to manufacture or ventilate. However, the cuticle hair extensions demand a lot of skills and so are higher priced.

They are also viewed as the highest grade but the care and time it requires during production makes it an expensive hair extension, but its price is well worth it because of its durability.

Non-Cuticle Indian Remy hair

It is a type of hair extension that includes all hair types regardless of the origin including those originating from the European region.

They are manufactured chemically to ensure that the remaining layers are fused after the first layers are removed. They usually undergo a silicone treatment to achieve a shiny appearance.

The tips and roots can be combined in the directions which are opposite to each other.

The main advantages of non-cuticle remy hair include:

  • Production cost is low and so sale price is also low.
  • There is less manual labor involved.
  • The cuticle is removed permanently, and you can have a wig in a set style for years if you take proper care of the hair and do not wear it too often.

The disadvantages of non-cuticle hair include:

  • It has poor quality.
  • This is non-Indian remy hair.
  • Coloring done is not durable and only weakens the structure of the hair giving it a lesser lifespan.
  • Severe napping and tangling tend to occur especially over time.