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Lauren, Westlakes

“After having several lots of extensions put in by so many different hairdressers and never being happy with the end results it was a relief to find Blaise. Not only was the quality of the hair and the service outstanding, but the perfect colour match and placement of the hair was amazing people find it hard to believe it’s not my real hair! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my extensions!”

Kim, Marino

“The quality of hair is absolutely fantastic, and better yet not overpriced! I came to Blaise knowing she had a lot of experience and I couldn’t be happier! They are very easy to maintain feel and look just like my natural hair. Once you have had them, you can’t do without them!

Karla, Glenelg

“My hair extensions are awesome! I wanted long hair forever and they just made me feel so much more confident! I love how versatile they are in terms of styles and how easy they are to colour and have fun with! Blaise’s expertise and knowledge in recommending products has made it so easy to look after my hair.”