Weft Hair Extensions Pros And Cons- Know Here!

It is fun in switching on your hair to longer, fuller and voluminous style. However, it is considered as a non-committal way to have a major hair makeover. On the other hand, you can also experience this by experimenting with the help of extensions. When it comes to extensions, you are having endless hairstyle options. Other than this, people mostly prefer it because of the weft hair extension pros and cons. In addition to this, it is the reason why people prefer to have the weft hair extensions.  Along with this, you can experience freedom as well as rock unexpectedly by different cuts and colors. 

Moreover, with the beaded weft hair extensions pros and cons you can experience a new look like a woman. On the other hand, there are many different types of hair extensions that you can prefer. Wanna know more about the hair extensions? Then read the article further. 

Why looks cool? 

The hair extension is having a cool and beautiful look because of the process by which they are applicable. However, the types are having thicker and easy to apply bases which make them more preferable. On the other hand, there are options for using the single-sided tape for having the extension. With the single-sided tape, you can get the installation of the extension easily. 

Other than this, you must select the stylist who is well trained in the field of having the best hair extension. This is the way that you can save your hair from getting damaged. They are available with more textures and designs. Thus, these are the reason that it looks cool to have micro weft hair extensions. There are many micro weft hair extensions pros and cons which makes them more popular among people. 

Things make them different 

Furthermore, there are many things that make the hair extension different in their own way.  However, the best thing about having the tape in hair extension is that they lie flat when they are used. On the other hand, as per the duration of the time, the glue used in the extension cuts down. In addition to this, the glue used in the extension is used in more than half of the time for making it stable. 

Other than this, it doesn’t take much of the time to work in the installation of the hair extensions. When you go ahead for applying for the hair extension then you must first look for the tape weft hair extensions pros and cons which are available. With which you can have the best hair extensions that suit you. So, instead of wasting the time on further researches to grow the hair, you can have the hair extension. 

Last takeaways 

Therefore, these were all about the hair extensions which will make you look different from the normal look. So, don’t waste time and get access to know about the weft hair extensions’ pros and cons. Thus, move to a salon and have the best hair extension that suits your face and your new look. This is the way that you can surprise the one who knows you. 



Why fusion hair extensions are the best way to get strong looking hair

Why fusion hair extensions are the best way to get strong looking hair


As the most accomplished and all rounder extensions, Fusion extensions are long lasting and non-damaging. They might be the simplest way on planet to achieve natural looking gorgeous hair!!! Toppled with non-damaging Keratin glue, your hair is sectioned and the extension is glued to your hair. They semi-permanent perfect hair solution for those who want every morning with gorgeous hair.Fashion hair extensions for short hair is a must have. It has simpler hair installation methods and provides complete freedom to style your hair however you’d like. Keep scanning the best part is yet to come!!!!! 


There are two types of installation methods for fusion hair extension: 


This method uses keratin glue to bond the extensions to the hair. A stylist plants an u-tip by liquefying the keratin base with a fusion hair iron (on a low heat setting) and coils around a small section of hair. I-tips can also be used for a hot install, however, supplementary keratin will be needed to connect the I-tips to the hair. 


Cold fusion is a slightly easy method than hot installation method. With cold fusion, a stylist will plant the I-tips using micro ring beads (also known as micro links). Now, the stylist will pull a few strands of hair through the micro ring, and fit the top of the i-tip through as well. Then, the beads are simply clasped down with some hair extension pliers for a guarded hold. 


A u-tip hair extension is a type of hair extension that is planted to the hair by heating up the keratin tip that is found at the end of the extension, to install it to your natural hair. And basically, I-Tip is beaded method of hair extensions.


Ladies, do you really have problem of thin or short hair????? Here, is the instant solution for all the problems!!! 

Solutions For hair extensions 

Many women with very thin or short hair avoid using hair extensions because they think they won’t comply to their hair, they won’t look good, or they just won’t work. For the longest time, it had become an universal truth that if you have thin hair, there isn’t a solution. This was, until now. New growth and improvement in hair care, especially in hair extensions, has made it achievable for women with thin hair to get the beautiful volume they have always dreamed of through, hair extensions. So to all those women who have thin hair I would definitely recommend you to use fusion hair extensions for your thin hair. 


Are fusion hair extension damaging my hair?

Are fusion hair extension damaging my hair?

What are hair extensions 

Hair extensions are basically human hair or synthetic hair that have been extracted and are artificially applied on a person’s original hair. They make your hair look healthy, voluminous, beautiful and long.These  have been one of the oldest ways used by us women to make our hair look longer, prettier and beautiful. They have been more promising than any other elongating technique. The reason for their popularity is that they are real looking and can be removed anytime. One of their best features is that they are very versatile. Once they are placed with your actual hair they cannot be differentiated. 

The two kinds of hair extensions. 

Hair extensions coming to type the first one is synthetic hair extensions which is basically artificial hair made up of some synthetics. These hair extensions are not that preferred because of the fact that they have an artificial glossiness which makes your hair look a little let’s just say weird. Another contradicting fact about them is that they don’t last much. But there are some people who prefer them over The other type of hair extension because they are pre-set, so you don’t have to worry about them getting frizzy or all bee-hive like. 

What are human hair extensions 

Now the second type of hair extension is human hair extensions which are made from actual human hair. These are more preferred because of the fact that they do not have any artificial in them. They can last for about 1 year if they are properly taken care of. Although they are preferred by most women they have certain limitations. The first one is that they are just like your own hair (well dune) so they can get damaged easily. They need more maintenance than synthetic hair extensions for obvious reasons. But their best feature is that they can be converted into any type that you like. You can color them, cut them shot leach them they will do as exactly like you want them to. 

The elephant:-do hair extensions damage hair 

As a person who has been using hair extensions for about three years I have never faced any such issues. This could be because of the fact that I always go to a professional to get my hair extensions done. But I do have friends who do face problems such as hair fall due to hair extensions. This can be due to the fact that you do not take proper care of your hair. You should have a regular visit to the salon and consult with your professional hair stylist. If you are having any queries or problems regarding to your hair extensions do not hesitate to consult your stylist. If you’re doing hair extensions application at your home then please take a look in the hair extensions manual. 

Winding up 

Fusion hair extension barely causes any damage to your hair. If you take proper care of things they last and this is exactly what hair extensions are all about. In the end self care and hair care should be done properly. 


Fusion hair extension reviews and application procedure

Fusion hair extension reviews and application procedure

Everyone is wearing an invisible crown and that’s their hair. Luckily, you can add a glam factor to your crown. How? Try fusion hair extensions. It will give you hair of desired length and volume. Hair extensions are the best way to get a natural hair look without any treatment. Even celebrities use hair extensions. And they have become a new trend in hair beauty. So, avoid using any home remedies or pills to get long and voluminous hair and use hair extension. However, before buying them you must check out the fusion hair extensions reviews.  

hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions reviews– know about them  

You don’t have to worry about these hair extensions as they are completely tested and tried. Moreover, they are in use since ancient times by the queens. These extensions are a bit different from others that it does not come as strands instead they are wefts. As a result, attaching them is quite tricky. Polyurethane glue bonds or keratin helps to attach them. Henceforth, sometimes they are also known as keratin fusion hair extension. So, if you get keratin fusion hair extensions reviews on the internet then don’t worry its same. Also, they are popular as glue-in extensions.  

To attach them, a hot extension tool is best. The strands get closely attached to hair without making them lose. You may also read in fusion hair extensions reviews about the copper tubes. These are the tubes that are used to connect strands with natural hair. And for that, they weave hair.  Later, a plier is also good to closely press the tubes. However, for ultimate precision, more tools like hooks and the metal needle are good to use.  

Fusion hair extensions reviews- check out the applying procedure 

fusion hair extensionsTo know the effects of keratin fusion hair extensions before after you must know the right applying procedure. However, for applying they correctly use the professional tools. You may need a heat hair extension tool, hair extension needle, and even a hook. Although you can do it alone it’s better if you take the help of the experts. However, you may need more or fewer strands depending upon the thickness, and length of your hair. Also, the number of extensions you need depends on the hairstyle you desire. Follow the steps below to know keratin fusion hair extensions before after look.  

Steps to follow  

First, carefully brush your hair to remove any locks or knots in the hair. Also, brush your extensions to remove any tangled hair. The expert will take a few hair strands to put the extension.  

fusion hair extensionsThe expert will use a heating tool to fix the strand if it has a polyurethane or keratin bond. However, before using the tool they will shape the keratin using fingers. The keratin is soft and thus easily gets mold as per hair type and shape. Once it dries the fusion becomes strong and thus extensions last longer. The same procedure will repeat by the experts for each strand. However, it starts from the base until the crown. Now, your hair is ready.  

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What is nail tip hair extensions?- know in this article

What is nail tip hair extensions?- know in this article

hair extensionsWith the hair extension, people can get different looks and styles. However, this is the reason that the hair extension is popular among the people. On the other hand, there are many types of hair extension which are available. And the nail tip is the best hair extension. So, if you are getting access to nail tip extension, you should first know what is nail tip hair extensions. And if it confuses you about having the hair extension so read the article. This is the article that will help you to know about the nail tip hair extension. 

What is nail tip hair extension? 

nail tip hair extensionsnail tip hair extensions

Nail tip hair extension is the type of extension which is applicable to the hair by proper heating process. However, it is applicable to the best keratin tip treatment in the extension. The keratin tips are useful in the natural hair for attaching the hair extension properly. Among several years, this is the most popular method of fitting in hair extension. Often the nail tip hair extension defines the same things. Yaa! It is quite confusing to understand about the hair extension. But with the fact of having the hair extension refers to the same thing.  

On the other hand, there is excellent nail tip hair extensions review from the users. However, the type of fitting which we explain here refers to a flat tip and v tip.  

How to fit a nail hair extension? 

nail tip hair extensionsUsing the heat connector the nail tip hair extension gets fit. The process of rolling the melted keratin around the natural hair is the process of fitting the type of hair extension. The hair extension must get tightly roll around the natural hair. This is the way that they form a sealing bond with natural hair. Therefore, the keratin heats and cools very quickly whenever in use this is the reason that it is getting good nail tip hair extensions review. On the other hand, there are other types of hair extension which gets fit with different forms.  

The nail tip fusion hair extensions fitting will require the help of several things. Some of them are as follows- 

  • Comb 
  • Nail tip hair extension 
  • Sectioning clips 
  • Small sectioning clips 
  • Scalp protector 

These are some of the things which are useful in this process. 

Is the nail tip hair extension comfortable? 

Well, when it gets fit correctly in the natural hair wearing it is very comfortable. But when there is any wrong method so it is very difficult to handle it. On the other hand, there is usually a set period for having the hair extension. This is the hair extension that results in the tenderness of the mild itching in the scalp. 

Therefore, this is the way you can have the nail tip fusion hair extensions. However, with this, you will get the best look at the function in which you are moving. Check out the nail tip fusion hair extensions first before using them and get look you want.